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Refund Policy

BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR PURCHASE You can find cancellation and refund details on the confirmation page, and during the check out process—before you pay. AFTER YOU MAKE YOUR PURCHASEIf you have purchased a self test kit on

  • If your order hasn’t shipped, we can offer a full refund upon request. 

  • If your order has already shipped, we can offer a full refund minus $30.00 to cover shipping and handling fees. 

  • If you notify us that a submitted test was used by a minor before our lab begins processing, we can offer a refund minus $30.00. 

  • If we discover that an account was created and contains results from a minor, we will remove the account within 24 hours and no refund will be issued. 

If you have booked a COVID-19 test:

  • Appointments are in high demand, and all appointments will be subject to a final booking and will not be eligible for a cancellation or refund. 

  • If you are late for an appointment and the healthcare professional has to see the next patient, DM6 will put forth it's best effort to reschedule you at a later time. This could be at the same location originally booked at or at a nearby facility, subject to availability. 

  • All appointments late more than 1 hour will be deemed a no show, in which case the appointment will be considered cancelled

For any other questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team at