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The Benefits Of At-Home Health Testing Kits

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Canadian health care system is the shortage of physicians taking on new patients, and it’s a problem that seems to be on the rise. Fewer doctors means longer wait times at hospitals and clinics, which can be a nuisance for those simply trying to figure out basic health-related issues. 

The advent of at-home health testing kits is helping to alleviate the burden placed on the health care system by sidestepping these wait times, and giving patients the ability to choose when and where they’d like to test themselves for various things. The premise is simple, the products are straightforward, and the results come fast, and accurately. The future of proactive self-controlled healthcare is here, and these are the benefits that come with it.


As mentioned before, longer wait times to see a doctor can make life miserable for many people. It’s expected for patients suffering from more severe conditions, but what if a person simply wants to know if they suffer from a food allergy, or a vitamin deficiency? Having to wait weeks to see a doctor, only to endure hours-long wait times at the doctor’s office or clinic is a tiresome burden. Thankfully, at-home testing kits get rid of this problem. 

They allow people to test themselves on their terms and timelines, which is highly advantageous. Not only does it cut down on stress, but it also frees up the schedule so that nothing interferes. This is good for people who work high-demand jobs that don’t easily allow for time to be taken off. Second, it makes a lot more sense to opt for an at-home health testing kit, which is designed to check for things that shouldn't take very long under normal circumstances. Having to wait weeks just to figure out if you have a hormone imbalance or sensitivity to a particular type of food is unacceptable.


No matter how rudimentary and common today’s health-related complications and ailments are, the truth is that human beings simply aren’t wired to feel comfortable talking about them out in the open, even with a doctor. While a vitamin deficiency may not necessarily be talk-of-the-town type material, a male testosterone deficiency is much different. No dollar amount can be put on personal privacy, even in an age where doctor/patient confidentiality is a top concern.

For some people, it’s simply easier, more convenient, and far less stressful to perform a test from the comfort of their own home, in their own surroundings. The atmosphere and decor alone is enough to soothe the nerves, as is the knowledge that test results will arrive in a confidential manner for their eyes only. 


Certain at-home testing kits will test for a wide variety of possible issues, such as food allergies or sensitivities. This is handy when trying to narrow down the list of possible offenders, so that you can figure out what part of your day to day routine is to blame. At-home testing kits of this type assist in the process of elimination right at the start, rather than near the end. By testing across such a wide spectrum, you can quickly identify potential problem areas, and walk into your doctor’s office armed with a solid idea of what is going on.
From there, your doctor can quickly ascertain the possible issues by reading the data, and prescribing the right solution. It eliminates a lot of the guesswork at the start of your testing process, saving time both for you, and your doctor.


The best part about at-home testing kits is how accurate the results are. At DM6 Health, we design our testing kits for easy sample collection, and provide a foolproof way to forward your sample to our fully-certified labs. Once arrived, these talented technicians will get to work analyzing the sample, and generating results which in turn are cross-checked by a highly trained physician.

This cuts down on the possibility of errors or misreads, and gives you peace of mind when it comes to trusting the results you’re given. Accurate results mean less stress, no misunderstandings, and time saved. The quicker and more accurate they arrive, the easier a time you’ll have of working with your doctor to start making health-positive changes in your own life.


At-home testing kits are here to stay, and they’ll become even more convenient, sophisticated and reliable as the years go by. In today’s modern world, it’s good to have such a convenient alternative at your disposal, especially if you think you’re dealing with a health-related issue. Always remember - never self-diagnose! Make sure to leave it to the experts when it comes to determining if you are suffering a health-related issue, so that you can be sure of the proper treatment.

For more information on DM6 at-home health testing kits, please contact us. In the meantime, we invite you to browse our ever-expanding list of testing kits to see if one or more match with your health-related challenges. If so, you’re just a few clicks away from figuring out the problem, and the solution that will follow.