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Business partnership

How can a business partnership with DM6 Health help my clinic or doctor’s office?

Our business model allows us to integrate easily and seamlessly with your day-to-day operations, which in turn allows you to provide more options for your patients and their healthcare needs. It can also free up more time to take on more patients, further enhancing your business.

My company is interested in partnering with DM6 Health. What can we expect?

Partnering with DM6 Health can help your business stay ahead of the game when it comes to healthcare screening and treatment. Our testing kits can preemptively identify issues your employees may face, which can allow you to streamline your healthcare options, while cutting down on things like sick leave and company-wide health issues.

Can I apply my own brand to DM6 Health kits?

Under our partnership guidelines, we offer the ability to customize uniquely designed panels with your brand identity, to further enhance the bond between your brand and your customer base. This allows us to provide the same excellent service to both them, and your company write large

Can I become an affiliate of DM6 Health?

.Absolutely! We are always excited at the prospect of working with affiliates who are eager to spread the word about this new advance in personal healthcare. The more people you refer to DM6 Health, the greater your earnings. Plus, you can take immense pride in knowing that you’re helping each new person take control of their personal healthcare agenda.